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Three Key Components of Yellow Teeth and How to Conquer Them

Is there anything better than a bright white smile? We don’t think so and are sure you don’t either. Yellowing teeth is disheartening but recognizing key components can help you determine the cause, and change your habits to help restore your smile. Still concerned that your teeth may need a little extra TLC? Not to worry, schedule a teeth whitening experience with the Eckland Family Dentistry team online with ease. 


Genetics is a trait often forgot about in relation to your teeth and their color. Tooth color, and other aspects of your teeth can certainly be genetic. Therefore, if your parent(s) have slightly yellow teeth in color that chances are you may too! 


As we age our enamel thins from the wear it’s put through from food, drink, chewing, and an over vigorous brush routine. It’s no surprise that with the wear over time and aging that our enamel will ultimately dim in color. 

Food / Drink 

The foods and drinks we consume play a direct role on our teeth and their appearance. If you’re consuming large amounts of dark liquids without a straw or rinsing afterward your enamel is taking a direct hit. The same can be said for other popular drinks and even the things we eat like red sauces, curries, and more. Be conscious in how you enjoy food/drink and keep your teeth in mind. 

Having a confident smile leads to a confident you! We love helping keep your smile in tip top shape but we have to make sure you’re doing your part at home too. If you notice your teeth changing colors it’s time to change your habits, even if it’s simply moderating dark substances drank, drinking coffee with a straw, or stepping up your oral hygiene routine. Ready to feel like your smile is at its peak? Come your local dentist, Eckland Family Dentistry at one of our four convenient office locations in Woodinville, Redmond with Dr. Kale, Redmond with Dr. Colby, or Everett, Washington.