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Before & Afters

Ceramic Veneer

2 Ceramic Veneer Pre Op 2 2 Ceramic Veneer Post Op 2 scaled
Ceramic Veneer Pre Op 1 scaled Ceramic Veneer Post OP 1 scaled
2 1Ceramic Veneer Pre Op 2 1 scaled 2 1 Ceramic Veneer Post Op 2 1 scaled
Ceramic Veneer Pre Op 1 1 Ceramic Veneer Post Op1 1

Botox for "Gummy Smile"

Botox Gummy Smile  Before Botox Gummy Smile  After

This patient was not happy with how much gums she showed when smiling. She had contemplated doing orthodontics or gum surgery followed with veneers. After her and the Dr discussed the option of Botox to limit the mobility of her upper lip, they decided to give that a try. The patient was thrilled with the outcome and her new smile!!

Amalgam Replacement

Amalgam Replacement 1.1 Amalgam Replacement 1.2
Amalgam Replacement 2.1 Amalgam Replacement 2.2
Amalgam Replacement 3.1 Amalgam Replacement 3.2

Composite Bonding

Composite Bonding Pre Op scaled Composite Bonding Post OP
Eckland Family Dentistry Composite Bonding Case Study Before Eckland Family Dentistry Composite Bonding Case Study After

Dental Implants & Crowns

Eckland Family Dentistry Dental Implants Crowns Before Eckland Family Dentistry Dental Implants Crowns After 1

Replacement of Dental Crowns

Eckland Family Dentistry Replacement of Dental Crowns Before Eckland Family Dentistry Replacement of Dental Crowns After

Composite Veneers

Composite Veneers Laterls Pre op scaled Composite Veneers Post op scaled

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth 1 Before Full Mouth 1 After

Struggling with being able to properly chew his food, this patient was losing weight that he could not afford to lose. The enjoyment of meals was also diminishing. He decided it was finally time to do something to improve his situation. After determining which teeth and which dentistry we could save, we extracted the painful and bad teeth, fixed the cavities, placed bone grafts and dental implants where needed, and fully restored this patients mouth, smile, and appetite. Not only does he now look younger, but he looks happier as he smiles a heck of a lot more 😊

kor whitening

Case 1   Before scaled Case 1   After scaled

Here is one of our KOR Whitening patients. She proceeded with the KOR Ultra In-Office Whitening System, created by KOR Whitening. The results were astonishing, she was able to go over four shades lighter!

Once she completed the whitening process, she placed veneers on her central incisors.

ceramic veneer

Case 2   After scaled Case 2   Before scaled

This patient broke his tooth when he was young. His tooth was veneered with composite at the time, which wore down and discolored over the years. He chose to replace the composite veneer with a ceramic veneer, which will not be subject to the same wear and discoloration.

Invisalign Treatment

Case 3   before a Case 3   After scaled
Case 3   before scaled Case 3   After A scaled

This patient had worn several teeth, including his incisors on the right side, from grinding over the years. Invisalign was utilized by Dr. Eckland to correct the bite and reduce his risk of grinding his teeth. Once his Invisalign treatment was completed, a digital scan was used to create a template of a mirror image of the left side of his front teeth and replace the worn structure on the right side with direct composite bonding.

This young patient broke his front tooth when he was in grade school. Now that he is in college, it was time to proceed with a final ceramic veneer.

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