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Reduce or eliminate those unwanted wrinkles of the face and neck with this safe & effective treatment

Defy Aging with our botox treatments

If you’re considering botox in Woodinville, Washington our dentists at Eckland Family Detistry is here to help. Botox is a quick and painless way to ease the effects of aging, helping to reduce or eliminate those unwanted wrinkles of the face and neck. Safe and very effective, Botox takes about 1-2 weeks to set in, lasting for up to 6 months per treatment.

Botox can also be used to minimize the frequency of migraine headaches.

Dr. Keagan is highly trained in the muscles of the head, neck and face, allowing them to deliver Botox to precise locations every time; giving you the youthful and bright appearance in just a few days. Want to reduce or eliminate those unwanted frown lines? How about any crows feet that show when you smile? Or too much gums showing when you smile? The Lateral Brow Lift is great for anyone who wants to accent their eyes and soften their look.

As a Non-Surgical treatment, it is completely reversible should an individual wish to stop further treatments. One can start back up again at anytime, but continued treatment creates better long term results and fewer units needed.

At our office, we recommend a Consultation/Botox Exam or discussion with your hygienist at your next re-care visit. Yes, you can quickly and easily add this onto your future hygiene visits with us!

Botox generally lasts between 3-6 months depending upon the individual and frequency of treatment.

We recommend combining ongoing Botox treatments with your re-care hygiene visits.

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