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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dental care plays a vital role in both revitalizing and maintaining your teeth and gum health. Our dentists in Everett, Redmond & Woodinville are dedicated to your health, wellness & smile.


We know that dentistry often looks like.. well, dentistry. That’s why we want to make a difference and supply the new status quo of undetectable dentistry. What does that mean for you? Simple, really! We can replace existing crowns and fillings with restorations that not only look like but also feel like your natural teeth! Fillings for your teeth are a complete game changer. Unfortunately, built up bacteria wreaks havoc on our teeth and causes significant damage to their overall structure and efficacy. Losing teeth doesn’t mean you have to lose your smile too! Whether it’s from genetics, an accident or the like dental implants are a great way to continue a healthy smile and maintain optimal functionality.

Your Dream Smile Awaits

Cosmetic dentistry sounds sort of fancy and that’s because it is! Using our skills and expertise combined with science we can quite literally reinvent your smile and catalyze your confidence. Even the smallest changes with your smile can bring about the biggest changes within yourself and we want nothing more than to make that dream a reality.

Cosmetic dentistry has advanced astronomically from the metal braces that are all consuming. These advancements have created an invisible alignment system that straightens teeth promptly and efficiently. Invisalign is perfect for so many of us CEOs in the boardroom, at home, or wherever you may find yourself executing efficiently.  As we age so do our teeth and that dazzling white smile that once was has since faded and a subtle yellowing has begun to peek through. Teeth whitening isn’t only affordable now it’s also as easy as one, two, bleach! Not only are we able to provide safe and professional teeth whitening here at Eckland Family Dentistry, we also provide a side of a serious confidence boost.

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