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Bleeding Gums – Should I be Worried?

Are your gums bleeding while brushing and or flossing? Don’t worry just yet! A few things could be playing a role so let’s narrow them down and get to the bottom of it! Then we will see if it’s time to contact your dentist at Eckland Dentistry in Woodinville, Redmond with Dr. Kale or Dr. Colby, and Everett and make an appointment.

Dental Care Routine: 

Has it been a while since you’re flossed? If it is, it’s no wonder your gums are irritated. This is because you’re performing an invasive cleaning routine that you haven’t in some time. The same is true if you have changed from a soft bristle to a firm bristle brush. The more you continue to practice these oral hygiene routines the more your gums will adapt.. However, if they continue to bleed it may be time to seek help from your dentist


Are you experiencing swollen, sore, and sensitive gums? Gums that bleed during or after you floss and brush? It could be Gingivitis. Gingivitis is the precursor to gum disease and isn’t something to take lightly. Gingivitis occurs when plaque remains on the teeth at the gumline and then infects the gum tissue. You have to address gingivitis before it develops into gum disease and target the problem while it’s reversible. Make an appointment with your dentist if you suspect you have Gingivitis and try honing in on your oral hygiene routine. 


Has your health been a concern lately? Maybe you’re experiencing a few symptoms and now all of the sudden your gums are bleeding. It’s possible that your gums can be bleeding as part of a preexisting illness. It is even more likely that your gums could be bleeding due to side effects from current medications. If you are taking a new medicine or if you are experiencing bleeding gums with other symptoms it may be time to consult your dentist and physician to discover the source of the problem. 


It may not be something that is in the forefront of your mind when you’re expecting big things.. congratulations! Pregnancy Gingivitis tends to fall to the wayside. It shouldn’t though, because it’s real and can and does happen to many women. Hormones are changing and these changes affect our bodies reaction to bacteria in the mouth. It’s important to continually practice good oral hygiene habits (especially the women with morning sickness) and to see your dentist regularly for scheduled dental cleanings

Bleeding gums can be a result of a few things. That means there’s no reason to worry right away. Stop and think about your oral hygiene routine and if there are any contributing factors to your bleeding gums. If you’ve gone through the checklist and the bleeding is persistent and severe it’s time to consult your local dentist at Eckland Family Dentistry and set up an appointment to combat dental disease.