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The Benefits of Botox in Dentistry

While you may only think of Botox as a beauty product, it can actually be quite useful in dental care. The same properties that allow it to reverse aging can reduce tension, allowing other dental procedures to be as effective as possible. However, most have a number of questions regarding the use of Botox. How does it work? What are its uses? Is it safe? To help you decide if Botox is right for you, consult with your local dentist and enjoy some of our answers to common questions below.

How Does Botox Work?

Derived from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum, Botox is most commonly used as a cosmetic. However, it has a wide variety of medical purposes, such as treating muscle spasms, migraines, and other nervous disorders. By binding to nerve endings, it inhibits the release of certain neurotransmitters that cause excessive muscle tension, forcing them to relax.

Is Botox Safe?

The bacterium Botox is derived from has the potential to lead to botulism, which is naturally concerning to some people. However, there’s no need to worry! The bacterium goes through a series of extractions and purifying processes, ensuring that it’s completely safe for human consumption by the time it reaches the consumer. Through this process, its effects are dulled, allowing it to simply relax the muscles without any of its harmful downsides. As such, you can enjoy the benefits of Botox without any concern!

However, it’s still important to make sure the person giving you your botox surgery is certified to do so. As with any medical procedure, Botox can be dangerous if done by someone without the necessary knowledge or expertise. As such, be sure to do your research before you decide who you want to administer your treatment.

Uses of Botox in Dentistry

So, how is Botox used in dentistry? Typically, it’s used to treat dental disorders involving muscular hypertension that leads to excessive jaw clenching, as well as the migraines that often result from doing so. However, it’s by no means a standalone treatment, so you should work with your local dentist to establish a treatment plan.

If you think Botox is right for you and want to entrust your treatment to the best, come visit us at Eckland Family Dentistry! We have a total of four locations, with Kale Eckland and Colby Eckland’s offices in Redmond, as well as our Everett and Woodinville offices, each of which is held to an immaculate quality standard to ensure your treatment is as efficient and effective as possible. No matter the issue, you can be sure Eckland Family Dentistry has it covered.